The 25 Best Face Washes For Every Budget And Skin Type – Glam

Considering we start our day with face washes, a skincare need that they often target is brightening. Countless vitamin C and fruit extract face washes exist that promise to brighten your skin, but Indie Lee’s unique formulation in their Brightening Cleanser is hands down the best.

Let’s start with the least important pro that is the most enjoyable — this face wash smells delicious! That’s all down to the unique strawberry seed oil and tomato extract that serve as antioxidants designed to give you firmer skin over time. The Brightening Cleanser uses sunflower oil to help break down any residual makeup on your skin, and lycopene works to gently exfoliate your skin and brighten it.

The best part is it’s suitable for all skin types. As one Indie Lee reviewer shares, “I love this cleanser. Despite my dry, sensitive, sometimes acne-prone skin, I can use this worry-free. It’s refreshing and deep cleansing — takes off SPF and makeup.”

Purchase Indie Lee’s Brightening Cleanser at Indie Lee for $36.


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