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It’s 2023, we’re in an on-again-off-again relationship with a global pandemic, AI is threatening to take over the world/our jobs, Joe Jonas gets his forehead wrinkles injected, and we’re all living in a simulation. At least, that’s kind of how it feels when I sit down to chat with Joe this morning about all things anti-aging (can we even say that phrase anymore? Joe thinks so. Maybe.), along with how a few drinks and a dance with a beard trimmer left him with half an eyebrow, and, most importantly, which feature of his face would he never want to surgically change/alter/remove in 50 years (again, when AI becomes our overlord).

First, for all of the fans—or haters! Welcome!—reading this: Joe Jonas is legitimately nice, normal, and chill (and I say this from a career of working with many of the celebs you watch “wtf” stories about on TikTok). We like Joe. Joe is good people.

Which is probably why it really didn’t feel like B.S. when—the day after he/the Jonas Brothers received their Hollywood Walk of Fame star—he explains his choice to partner with Xeomin, an injectable neurotoxin that smooths lines and wrinkles (think: Botox, but cleaner and purer).

“I’ve been smartening up all around, really trying to read labels, do the research, and get a good idea of what I’m putting in and on my body,” Joe tells me. “I really liked that Xeomin was a smart toxin, and I really liked the results more than anything.”

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He first got his frown lines injected last year, and since then, “a lot of the conversation has been specifically about how guys don’t talk about [injectables] and trying to break that stigma that it’s ‘weird’ or embarrassing, especially when I know a lot of my guy friends have done it,” he says.

And no, you’re not the only one who has seen Joe’s smooth, guitar-holding face on Xeomin pop-up ads over the last few months. “A lot of people wrote me and said, ‘This you? Really? Cool,’” he says. “I got a lot of texts [from friends], like ‘should I get this? Is it good?’ and I’ve had friends since go and get the treatment, so it’s cool to see the conversation change around it.”

Joe’s first wax

But lest you think Joe has always been on the cutting edge of beauty trends and skincare choices, pls remember that Joe is human—just, you know, a famous one, whose beauty mishaps are seen on a global stage. “I’ve had a couple Home Alone moments where you’re just slapping your face with aftershave,” he says. And, (un)lucky for him, both involved his eyebrows.

“The first time I ever got my eyebrows waxed, I went with my mom the day before school to this place in New Jersey that I don’t think was used to guys’ eyebrows,” he says. “And they just went off on my eyebrows. I remember the first day of school wearing a beanie this low”—he pulls an imaginary beanie to his eyeballs—”because I was so embarrassed.”

“Also, it was so red and my mom was like, ‘Why don’t I just cover it up with makeup so it blends in?’” he says. “And back then, I was like, ‘No! I’m not gonna wear makeup to school on day one! So I just decided to go for a beanie in September, which was still way too warm.”

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Joe and the half-eyebrow

Another core beauty memory for Joe? “I remember I had a drink or two the night before [an event] and thought it was a good idea to clean up my eyebrows with my beard trimmer,” he says. “I thought it would be fine, and then I woke up and was like, ‘Oooh, no. Well, it’s kinda cool, I guess.’ I thought Marissa Machado—who has been our groomer for over 10 or 15 years now—wouldn’t notice, but she looked at me and just half of my eyebrow is missing. She saw me and was like, ‘What happened? Who did this?!’” he says, laughing. “I’ve had a lot of these moments.”

Joe’s favorite things

With Joe’s eyebrows looking unscathed and trauma-free during our interview, I ask him what’s on his hair/skin/face/body right now, outside of the products he often talks about (see: Color Wow Styling Cream, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Depuffer, and Tom Ford for Men Shave Cream). A recent favorite? His new deodorant.

I’ve recently gotten ‘healthier’ deodorant,” he says. “I wasn’t hip to some of the ingredients in your deodorant that I definitely don’t want to be putting on or in my body.” I ask for the specific product name, and he darts away to check: “Give me two minutes.” He returns to note that he forgot he already packed his bag, and would send the name along later (cliffhanger, people).

“Oh, and one thing that’s quite fun that my wife [Sophie Turner] put me onto is those little blackhead masks, where you can put it on your face and see your pores,” he says. “I will say, it was eye-opening that you would have stuff on your face that you didn’t know was there, and you feel like you can breathe better or something afterward. It’s lot of face masks and watching Alone on the History Channel, which is a fantastic survivalist show. It’s really good TV,” he tells me.

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Joe and aging

As we talk, I find myself curious: For a child-star-turned-adult-star who happily supports cosmetic treatments with a “you do you” attitude, how does Joe actually feel about aging? Maybe unsurprisingly, he says, “I love getting older. I love the idea that with every year, I get a bit wiser, and with the mistakes I make and have made, learn from them. As a parent now especially, the joys of watching people around me grow up, watching my friends grow up, watching myself grow up.”

That said, he’s also fine with trying treatments and products that’ll help him continue to look and feel good, too. “Every morning, I have a little shake that I’m obsessed with,” he says. “It’s called Athletic Greens, and my friend got me onto it. This isn’t even a company I work with—I just love their stuff and how it’s kind of taking care of your body with all the vitamins and minerals that you don’t think about.”

I tell him my boyfriend is also obsessed with Athletic Greens, and that our kitchen is always littered with AG smoothie cups. He laughs and confesses he also brought his cup with him today.

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“I just like things that make you feel good and healthy and hopefully make you live longer,” he says. “That’s the goal. I don’t wanna live forever, but I like the idea that I can live another 10 or 20 years if I can add that to my life. And if I can look good along the way? Great.”

I ask him if—in 50 years, when technology allows everyone to have a new face—there’s one part of him that he’d never want to change; something that feels uniquely Joe Jonas. “I think it goes back to the horror story of my eyebrows,” he says. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but probably my eyebrows. Or my nose. I have nothing against if you change yours, but I’m good with keeping mine.”

I tell him his fans will probably be happy to hear this, and remind him to send me the name of his deodorant. This is journalism, after all, and I am nothing if not professional.

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