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  • Pics: Higher Education Skincare Launches Into Boots Stores Across … –

    Higher Education Skincare launched into Boots stores across the country this week. The LA-based brand jetted into Dublin to take over Boots’ Liffey Valley store. Today’s top videos STORY CONTINUES BELOW Popstar Lea Heart, TikTok sensation Lauren Whelan and makeup artist to the stars Ben Sun posed with fans as they celebrated Higher Education Skincare’s latest venture. Popstar Lea Heart, TikTok sensation Lauren Whelan and makeup artist to the stars Ben Sun posed with fans as they …….

  • John Legend Just Launched a New Skincare Brand for 2023: Loved01 – Cosmopolitan

    Growing up, the drugstore beauty aisles were my happy place, where I could find any and all products to suit my fair skin and blonde hair. But for Black and Brown communities? The options have historically been slim to none, and usually relegated to a cramped corner shelf containing just a few oils, scalp treatments, and body lotions. Even now, in 2023, the diversity in beauty aisles remains abysmal—which is why John Legend (yup, that John Legend) decided to step up and launch his own skincare…….

  • We’re skincare experts – people think we’re decades younger & it’s all thanks to the £1 secret we swear by… – The US Sun

    WHEN there are so many different anti-ageing tips, tricks and products out there all promising to make us look – and feel – fabulous it can be hard to know which ones to trust. The proof is in the pudding as they say, so taking tips from a skincare expert’s tried and tested anti-ageing routine is probably a good place to start. 7Charlene Flanagan and Niamh Ryan have shared the skincare hacks they swear by to look significantly youngerCredit: ALICE FORBERGHere, make up artist, skin therapist an…….

  • Global DNA based Skincare Products Market Regional Demand … – Digital Journal

    In 2023, What is “Global DNA based Skincare Products Market” Insights? Leading Market Research Firm: Skyquest Technology has announced the release of its latest report on DNA based Skincare Products Market. It provides an in-depth analysis of the drivers, restraints, market dynamics, trends, opportunities and challenges, and competitive landscape that are expected to shape its future growth trajectory. Global DNA-Based Skin Care Products Market size was valued at USD 6.31 billion in 2021 an…….

  • Why It’s Worth Adding an Essence to Your Skincare Routine – Oprah Mag

    The core benefit of an essence, a watery formula that you pat onto dry, clean skin before any other skincare product, is that it wets the skin, allowing it to better absorb the serum, treatment, or moisturizer you layer on top. See, your skin works like a sponge; you have to get it damp for it to sop anything up. It can be easy to discount the power of this simple-looking fluid. After all, it’s a skincare product that looks, feels, and acts a lot like clear water, which you can get from the ta…….


    AUSTIN, Texas , Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing the launch of Michal Morrison Inc., a new, science-first skincare company poised to revolutionize the beauty industry. With its first hero product launch, Genesis βSTEM6™ Molecular Serum, Michal Morrison Inc. will define and lead a new category of biomimetic skincare technology with its proven, proprietary, and patent-pending βSTEM6 molecule. This biotech breakthrough has a mechanism of action validated by 25 years of research in s…….

  • Weekly Recap: John Legend Unveils Skincare Line, Emma … – Beauty Packaging Magazine

    Here’s your weekly recap—the most viewed news stories on our site for the week ended January 21, 2023.   Last week, John Legend unveiled a skincare and bodycare line, Loved01—following the trend of men entering the beauty business. The new brand launches on February 1st.   In other news, beauty incubator Forma Brands, which owns Morphe, Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. Beauty, Lipstick Queen and more, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. Di…….

  • Stella McCartney demonstrates how to market sustainable skin care – Glossy

    The Stella by Stella McCartney skin-care brand launched in August 2022 with an expected proposition, considering Stella McCartney’s reputation. Known as a sustainable fashion pioneer, McCartney entered the beauty industry with stringent sustainability standards, refillable packaging and a ban of more than 2,000 harmful ingredients. Now, her team is marketing the brand with a campaign that reflects its conscious. “Stella challenged us to innovate and find alternative ways to create an …….

  • CACAYE, a New Line of High-Performance Skincare Rooted in the Power of Nature Launches in the US – Yahoo Finance

    Cutting-edge lab fermentation process, coupled with CaCay oil, energizes CACAYE products to awaken the most potent ingredients possibleNEW YORK, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CACAYE, the premiere product offering conceived by Evoq Brand Lab, introduces a new efficacious skincare collection sitting at the intersection of superior ingredients and innovative science. At the heart of all CACAYE products is CaCay – a precious nut oil native to the Amazon that is rich in essential fatty acids and vit…….

  • Yes, Skincare Fridges Are Actually Worth It—And They’re On Sale … – Verywell Health

    By now, you’ve seen them all over Instagram—a mini-er mini fridge for your vanity or bathroom counter. The skincare fridge—AKA, a beauty fridge—is any skincare enthusiast’s favorite accessory, but do they actually work? Yes, as it turns out, skincare fridges can help, not only with extending the shelf life of your products but also with making products just a little more effective. “Although most skincare products do not require refrigeration, we are seeing a slight increase in …….